“Who am I? Why am I here?”

Two of life’s biggest questions, and two of the hardest ones to answer. Until now.

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Tomi Llama is the pen name of Dr. Tomi Bryan. Her book, What’s Your Superpower? and her unique Superpower System, help you answer two of life’s most important questions: “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” Click below to find out more about Tomi.


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For so many of us, we spend our whole life searching for who we are supposed to be, what our purpose is, and what we are supposed to be doing in the world. I think that life shouldn’t be spent finding your purpose. I think it should be spent living it. Knowing your superpower is at the center of that. - Tomi Llama


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What People Say About Tomi

Tomi works the same way she lives: from the heart. She helped me uncover and release a painful story that has influenced my life for years, and in the wake of that, my gratitude is immense.
— Paula B., Leadership Consultant & Coach
My time with Tomi was a magical release for me. She helped me let go of something I have carried and struggled with for 30 years.

She is the biggest blessing for me in years in regards to healing and forgiveness.
— Cindy G., Insurance Industry
She works tirelessly to deliver the best in everything she offers.
— Karen M., Coach