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Whether you want to find your purpose, start a new chapter, or be on the path to your highest success, an individual session with Tomi Llama will help you jump start your journey.


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Tomi Llama offers public speaking and group workshop options too! Topics include:

Systems and Stories: uses finding your top values as a stepping off point for changing the way you see yourself and the world. One of the most impactful presentations by the Tomi Llama. Applies to organizations and individuals.

Success Mapping: We all have our own paths to success with our own unique challenges and advantages for getting there. Tomi Llama works with individuals, groups, and organizations to help them map out the path to getting there the fastest and easiest way possible.

Hidden Choices, Untold Stories: delves into the concept of change blindness for organizations and individuals to see why we may engage in repeating patterns that keep bringing us back to the same place over and over, limiting what we can be and do.


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Are you ready to be on your highest and best path? Check out some of the workshops and webinars offered by Tomi Llama! All of the events offered by Tomi Llama give you practical wisdom and action steps to help you make a difference in your life today.


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