Are you looking for the deeper meaning of your life? Do you feel like you need to reset your life or get out of a rut? To find your place all you need is one question:

What's Your Superpower?

Find your superpower, find your purpose.

Explore Tomi Llama's Superpower Model below.



A book that arguably counts as a SparkNotes report for the best golden nuggets that self help has to offer. A real system for knowing, growing, and clearing yourself - born from the best wisdoms in over 1000 self help, growth, and leadership books.

This book is the foundation for growth, and provides the hub for discovering and using your superpower. All other elements truly revolve around this one.

What's Your Superpower?
By Tomi Llama


Do you know your top five values? Everyone should be able to name the values that are key to their ultimate happiness. Tomi Llama Values Cards are an essential tool for this piece of your superpower discovery process.



If you've been around the block a few times, it may be time to clear your karmic scrap heap. Even if you've only been around the block once, it pays to starting clearing early. The Invitation helps you take control of clearing yourself, ultimately releasing you from any emotional and energetic limitations that may hold you back. Click here to listen to a sample, or click below to buy the CD on Amazon.

The Invitation
By Tomi Llama


Knowing yourself has never been as easy as this. Coupled with values cards and What's Your Superpower? you'll be tapping your greatest strengths in no time.