The Superpower System


There are a lot of self-help resources out there.

Most of them don’t actually help get you where you want to go, either because they are:

  • just based on personal experience,

  • aren’t clear,

  • or don’t actually provide any useful action steps.

The Superpower System (and the resources on this website) is designed to be the opposite of that.

The Superpower System provides you self-help resources that are simple, actionable, and ready to get you where you want to go.

My self-help journey started with a hunt for purpose. 

Over the course of 20 years, I read thousands of books, attended hundreds of seminars, and gained too many certifications looking for answers to, “who am I?”, “why am I here?”, and, “what is my purpose?”

From that journey, I created the Superpower System.

The Superpower System helps you understand the different stages of self-help, and gives you valuable resources to help you at each stage of your own journey.

The Superpower System is a journey of Know Yourself, Grow Yourself, and Clear Yourself.

Each of these parts of the superpower system has a unique role in helping you on your own self-help journey.

  • Know Yourself is where you become familiar with your authentic self and find your life purpose, your superpower.

  • Grow Yourself shows you the ways you can use what you have learned in Know Yourself to create and live your best, most authentic life.

  • Clear yourself helps you clear away any self-sabotage or limiting beliefs that might keep you from living your best life.

Your most amazing, authentic, best life awaits. Get started below!

Tomi Llama

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Welcome to Know Yourself

Know Yourself is where you find your life purpose - your superpower.  

Your superpower is what you have to offer the world that no one else can, and what you are meant to be doing in this great big adventure called life.

Your superpower sits at the heart of who you are, what you are best at, and what you are most passionate about.

Kimi - The Know Yourself Llama

Kimi - The Know Yourself Llama

To find your superpower, you will find a few different things:

  • what you value most (your core values),

  • what you are best at (your top strengths),

  • and what you bring to the world in your interactions with it (what I call your social currency)

Once you have these things you can put them together to find your superpower.

These different parts and pieces of the Superpower Model are explained in Chapter 2 of What's Your Superpower? Below you will find resources to help you get started!

Once you know your superpower, you will know your authentic self and your life purpose.

From there, you can go onto growing into living your purpose and your best life!


Welcome to Grow Yourself

Grow Yourself is where you use your values and superpower to create your best life.

Grow Yourself is about leaning into the core of yourself and all that you are and translating that to your everyday life.

To lean in is an idiom.

According to, to lean in means “press into something. You have to lean into the wind when you walk or you will be blown over. As you walk into the wind, lean in a little bit.”

The wind is a perfect metaphor for Grow Yourself.

As you work to step into your purpose and who you truly are, the winds of life can present resistance to you doing that.

The strategies and resources in Grow Yourself help you overcome that resistance.

In What's Your Superpower?, chapter 3 offers eight different lean-ins (although there are always more) to step into your best life.

Below you will find some of the most important lean-ins for stepping into all that you are and for creating your best life!

Gayle - The Grow Yourself Llama

Gayle - The Grow Yourself Llama

Once you have gotten awesome at leaning into your Superpower, you will find that life is more exciting and fulfilling than ever!

The next section, Clear Yourself, helps you work through any blocks that might show up to living your life.


Welcome to Clear Yourself

Clear Yourself, the last stage of the Superpower System, is about clearing the forces that cause you to self-sabotage and keep you from leading your best life.

One of the biggest obstacles to owning your potential and making significant change in your life is what I call the language of the wound.

The language of the wound is the sum of all the hurts you have accumulated over the years at the hands of the different people you have encountered.

These hurts can keep you bogged down in the past and can keep you from seeing and owning what is possible for you.

In chapter 4 of What's Your Superpower?, I break these hurts down into:

  • the Intellectual Scrap Heap

  • the Emotional Scrap Heap,

  • and the Energetic Scrap Heap.

These are incorporated in my other online guides. Below are some resources to get you started:

Carmen - The Clear Yourself Llama

Carmen - The Clear Yourself Llama

Working through any blocks you might have gives you the freedom to soar to your highest heights.

Your cape awaits!

And that’s the Superpower System! Make sure to check out What’s Your Superpower? for even more awesome stuff! You can also follow me, Tomi Llama, on social media and sign up for my newsletter below to get even more life-changing llama wisdom right in your inbox!