The Superpower System

Life’s most compelling questions are “Who am I?” & “Why am I here?”
The answers to both are in discovering your superpower.
-Tomi Llama

Hi, I’m Tomi Llama. I have read thousands of books, attended hundreds of seminars, and gained too many certifications looking for answers to the questions, “Who am I?” and, “Why am I here?”

After a 20-year existential crisis of finding myself, losing myself, finding myself, and losing myself again (Rinse and Repeat.), I was finally able to see a path forward: the Superpower System.

The answers to, “Who am I?” and, “Why am I here?” are unique to each of us. Within all of us is the capacity to be and do something amazing - your superpower. We just need a guidebook to find that capacity and draw it out.

The Superpower System is that guidebook. It gives you the map for discovering your authentic self and your unique, amazing, capabilities - who you are and why you are here - and then the ways you can go out into the world and live from that in every moment.

For so many of us, we spend our whole lives searching for who we are supposed to be, what our purpose is, and what we are supposed to be doing in the world.

I don’t think that life should be spent finding your purpose. I think it should be spent living it, and your superpower is at the center of that. Your superpower is at the core of who you are and what makes you special, it is your greatest gift, and also your highest calling.

The Superpower System is a journey of knowing yourself, growing yourself, and clearing yourself. Each of these parts of the superpower system has a unique role in helping you answer the questions, “Who am I?”, and, “Why am I here?”

Know yourself lays the groundwork for living your most fulfilling and purposeful life, grow yourself gives you tips for using that groundwork to create the life you have dreamed of, and clear yourself helps you clear away any blocks that might keep you from getting there.

It is an adventure of epic proportions, and one you have been waiting to go on your whole life. So don’t wait any longer! Find your superpower! Your cape awaits!


Welcome to Know Yourself

Know Yourself answers the question of, “Who am I?” by helping you find what is at the core of who you are - your personal core values, your top strengths, and your social currencies. When you know these things, you can truly know what makes you, you.

The mixture of those things, your superpower, answers ,”Why am I here?” Your superpower is what you have to offer the world that no one else can, and what you are meant to be doing in this great big adventure called life.

The Know Yourself piece of the Superpower System is the Superpower Model. The Superpower Model is the first worksheet in the worksheet packet.

The purpose of the Superpower Model is to create the right inner conditions for you to contribute your beautiful note to the music of the Universe.

When you know who you are at the core, then the rest of life opens up for you and the symphony of joy, abundance, good health and miracles waiting to show up in your life can begin. 

The parts and pieces of the Superpower Model are explained in Chapter 2 of What's Your Superpower? Below you will find resources to help you get started!

Kimi - The Know Yourself Llama

Kimi - The Know Yourself Llama

As you discover each of these items - your values, strengths, and social currencies, you can blend them together to find your unique Superpower.

Once you know what these things are, you will have the answers to who you are and what you are supposed to be doing with your life.

And now that you have those answers, the real fun begins. Living the life you were meant to lead! Grow Yourself has tips for leaning into what you have learned to create the best life you can imagine.


Welcome to Grow Yourself

You have your completed Superpower Model in hand. You see with clarity that which you have never seen before: who you are and what you are supposed to be doing.

So now what? How can you take what you know and turn that into a more authentic, purposeful, and enjoyable life?

In comes Grow Yourself, the second piece of the Superpower System. Grow Yourself is about creating an authentic life aligned with the deepest and truest parts of who you are.

It is about standing on your values, strengths, social currency, and superpower and leaning into all that you are.

To lean in is an idiom. According to, to lean in means “press into something. You have to lean into the wind when you walk or you will be blown over. As you walk into the wind, lean in a little bit.” 

The wind is a perfect metaphor. Each one of us experiences wind in life. It is called resistance and the life path offers resistance from every corner. Thus, the lean in consists of two forces: our own energy used to push forward into the resistance and the force of the world as it pushes back on us.

In the Superpower System, Grow Yourself provides eight different ways (although there are always more) to grow and step into your most superpowerful self. All of these ways are explained in detail in Chapter 3 of What's Your Superpower?

Below you will find some of the most important lean-ins to help you create your best life!

Gayle - The Grow Yourself Llama

Gayle - The Grow Yourself Llama


Welcome to Clear Yourself

You know yourself, you've been growing self, and now you are trying to step into being the biggest and baddest you that you can be. But something keeps getting in the way of you reaching a new personal best. What is that?

Clear Yourself, the last stage of the Superpower System, is about clearing the forces that make us self-sabotage and keep us from stepping into our best selves.

One of the biggest obstacles to living your potential and making significant change in your life is what I call the language of the wound.

The language of the wound is the sum of all the hurts you have accumulated over the years at the hands of the different people you have encountered. It is what limits you from transcending your previous life patterns and creating new, authentic, purposeful ones.

The language of the wound comes from three separate forces: the Intellectual Scrap Heap, the Emotional Scrap Heap, and the Energetic Scrap Heap. Each of these are described in Chapter 4 of What's Your Superpower? as well as in the resources below.

These forces and patterns that limit us have been given many names - stories, wounds, behavior patterns, limiting beliefs, self-sabotages, language of the wound, etc. - and you may think of them differently.

That is fine. Feel free to label your karmic scrap heap in the way that works for you. The goal here is to work through them and clear them so you can step into today and embrace the possibilities that await you.

There is a lot of material in each bucket of the scrap heap to be chipped away. It is safe to say that I could write a book on each topic and many people have. To keep it simple, in each bucket I highlight what I call the head of the river. The head of the river is an idiom. It means the source of the water. I tried to find the source of the karmic scrap heap to clear it there. 

Carmen - The Clear Yourself Llama

Carmen - The Clear Yourself Llama

Working through your karmic scrap heaps is essential to living the authentic, purposeful, and incredible life that you are meant to lead. It is a continuous journey, with each new level you reach being more incredible than the last. The journey is worth it though, and by knowing yourself, growing yourself, and clearing yourself, you will soar to new heights!

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