Meet Tomi


“Help at least 10 million people find their life purpose and use it to live their best lives.”

-The Tomi Llama mission

Tomi and a Llama. Say cheese!

Tomi and a Llama. Say cheese!

Hi I’m Tomi. That’s me to the right (the human not the llama!).

Welcome to my website!

I think life shouldn’t be spent finding your purpose, it should be spent living it.

That’s why I have made it my mission (and my team’s mission) to help people find their purpose and live it as fast as possible.

My hunt for purpose started more than 20 years ago.

I searched high and low for answers, and discovered that no one person, no one workshop, no one book, no one CD set, no one degree, and no one certification offered a blueprint for finding your purpose.

So I decided to make the one blueprint for finding your purpose and to create the go-to resource for finding your purpose and living it.

Along came by book, What’s Your Superpower?, the blueprint for finding your purpose and living it, and this website with even more resources to do just that.

Start finding your superpower for free in the Superpower System, or jump right into the book by going to the Llama Store.



How Tomi Llama Helps You Find Your Purpose & Live It

I read a lot of books, attended a lot of workshops, and got too many certifications searching for my purpose (in fact, if you want to see how much I hunted, just look at the bottom of this page!)

What I found was that many of these resources:

  • Were based only on personal experience,

  • Didn’t have clear action steps,

  • Or didn’t provide me a clear map of what I needed to do with the knowledge I’d gained.

What’s Your Superpower? and the guides that you’ll find on this website are designed to offer clear action steps based on some of the best research and resources out there.

With these resources, finding your life purpose and using it to live your best life becomes clear and easy.


Things People Say About Tomi

I have worked and accomplished a lot in my life but have always known there was something else out there for me. All the self-help books in the world cannot position you to face the rest of your life like one afternoon with Tomi.

I am now working toward my dream job knowing I will be successful and happy. As the saying goes - ‘when you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ Thank you Tomi!
— Joan S., HR Professional
Tomi is full of life and heart and was able to help me by not only making clear what my Superpower is, but by giving me a course of action to help me grow that power.

I am grateful for her insight and ability to take an uncertainty and bring it to light. 
— Jill P., Book Industry
My time with Tomi was a magical release for me. She helped me let go of something I have carried and struggled with for 30 years.

She is the biggest blessing for me in years in regards to healing and forgiveness.
— C.C., Insurance Agent

How much did Tomi really learn on her hunt for purpose?

Traditional education

  • B.A., Political Science, North Carolina State University

  • J.D., Wake Forest University School of Law

  • Ph.D., Applied Management & Decision Sciences (leadership & organizational change), Walden University

1000+ books and CDs from Barnes & Noble, Walden Books, Borders, Sounds True, and Amazon

Workshop Experiences

  • ORSC Alchemy: The Art and Science of Truly Magical Co-Facilitation

  • Clean Coaching

  • Family Dynamics

  • The Art of Developmental Coaching

  • Barry Oshry's Seeing Systems

  • Akashic Records training

  • Matrix Energetics

  • Reiki 1 & 2

  • Dowsing Training with Raymon Grace

  • The Ways of the Peruvian Shaman

  • Family Dynamics

  • The Art of Forgiveness

  • Bert Hellinger’s Constellations Training Camp

  • Psychic Kindergarten

  • Access Consciousness

  • Vibration Activation

  • Success DNA

  • Coaching from Source

Licenses, Admissions & Certifications

  • North Carolina State Bar License

  • Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional

  • Board Certified Coach

  • ProSci Change Management Certification

  • International Certification in Organizational Systemic Dynamics

  • Certification in Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Healing

  • Certified Past Life Regression Coach

  • Certified Soul Coach

  • Admitted to practice before the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court

  • Certified in The Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment

  • Certified Leadership Circle Workshop Facilitator

  • Certified in Discovery Learning's Paper Planes Simulation and Exchange Simulation

  • Certified in Functional Movement Screen

  • Certified in Kettlebells