The Invitation CD

The Invitation CD


The Invitation is a spiritual practice that uses inviting statements, inviting questions and the healing power of Himalayan singing bowls to supercharge your efforts to shift energetic limitations that keep you playing small. Download the PDF that accompanies this CD for free at

The practice of The Invitation has four steps: 

Step one: A quick spike in vibration. This audio uses three strikes of a Himalayan singing bowl to raise vibration.

Step two: Inviting Statements. In this step, specifically designed statements are used to invite your energetic scrap heap to convert to wisdom by accepting the scrap heap, thanking the scrap heap and then transcending and transmuting the scrap heap. This same statement design is also used to invite the clearing of blocks to the Spiritual Six-pack of Patience, Acceptance, Undefending, Compassion, Abundance and Good Health.

Step three: Inviting Questions. This step is designed to place you directly in the field of infinite possibilities by asking a question and allowing the Universe to respond. 

Step four: Healing sound. Himalayan singing bowls are used to facilitate the healing of energetic limitations and for opening the doorway to the field of infinite possibilities. 

Designed to accompany the book "What's Your Superpower?" by Tomi Llama.

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