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What’s Your Superpower? book

What’s Your Superpower? is a self-help book that lays out the steps to finding your life purpose- your superpower- and then how to use it to create an amazing, fulfilling life.

Tomi Llama spent more than 20 years trying to find her purpose, and along the way discovered that the key to finding your purpose is finding your superpower, the one thing you can do like no one else.

What’s Your Superpower? outlines the clear, actionable steps you can take to both find your superpower and use it, and also provides you the tools needed to do just that.

Start finding your superpower today!

(Psst. Not sure if What’s Your Superpower? is right for you? Read, here, why What’s Your Superpower? works where other self-help books don’t.)


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Deck of Values Cards

Make finding your personal core values easier with a deck of values cards.

Knowing your core values is essential to finding your life purpose because they are the foundation of who you are.

Knowing your core values also helps you live authentically because it gives you clarity on what you value most.

This deck of values cards has 52 different core values in it and instructions on how to find your values, making the process of finding your top values clear and easy.

Order yours now!

(You can also get a digital version of these cards for free by entering your email at the bottom of this page, but I personally think having a physical deck to go through makes the process easier!)



The Invitation CD

The Invitation is a clearing process from What’s Your Superpower? designed to help you clear away blocks to being your most authentic self and having your biggest success.

We all have hurts and wounds dealt to us by life that limit what we think is possible for us.

The Invitation uses Inviting Statements, Inviting Questions, and the healing sounds of Himalayan Singing Bowls to help you clear and overcome these hurts and unlock all of who you are.

Start clearing away blocks to your biggest success now!

(You can get the Guide to the Invitation here, and also listen to the Invitation for free on Youtube here.)


Superpower Gift Pack
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The Superpower Gift Pack

The Superpower Gift Pack includes all of the tools of the Superpower System: What’s Your Superpower?, a deck of values cards, the Tomi Llama worksheets, and the Invitation.

This is the perfect gift for friends and family, but also for yourself!

Start living your best life now!



Praise for What’s Your Superpower?

This book is awesome! It definitely makes one think about what they truly want in life regarding work & who and what they surround themselves with. I’m slowly learning what my SuperPower is but quickly learning what my core values are and incorporating them in life. If you are like me and in walking in 2 worlds and wondering what your next step is, or in a rut, need a new release on life, starting a new chapter, etc, then this is a book for you! I’m not even done and already bought more copies to give as gifts.

Tomi offers valuable lessons, worksheets to accompany the book, and offers you the tools you need to succeed. She breaks the big things down easily and into smaller steps to assist you in finding your superpower. This is MUST READ!!
— Jill on Amazon
One would think that by the time you reach a certain age, it should be easy to define what you value and what you are really good at. For myself, it has not been so easy. I’ve continually felt conflicted over what I thought I wanted and what I felt I was being called to do. This book helped me find the clarity I needed to finally resolve the conflict and now I can say I am excitedly moving into a new direction completely aligned with my values and my now defined Superpower. This book is a gem and a great gift for those you hold dear.
— Mona on Amazon
Tomi is comfortable sharing her lessons learned and how to uncover your superpower! Highly recommend Tomi Llama’s book
— Ruth K. on Amazon

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