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Welcome to Know Yourself

The Know Yourself piece of the superpower system is the Superpower Model. The fundamental premise of Superpower model is that there is an amazing you waiting to emerge - you are not broken and you do not “need to be fixed.” There is an incredible, authentic you waiting to contribute your beautiful note to the music of the Universe. All you’ve been waiting for is the understanding of how to let your music out.

The Superpower Model lets you do that. Its purpose is to create the right inner conditions for your beautiful note to emerge. When you know who you are at the core, then the rest of life opens up for you and the symphony of joy, abundance, good health and miracles waiting to show up in your life can begin. 

The parts and pieces of the Superpower Model are explained in Chapter 2 of What's Your Superpower? It includes these steps:

  • Finding your top 5 values

  • Determining your top 5 strengths

  • Understanding your social currencies

Once you have discovered these three items, you can blend them together to find your unique Superpower.

Each discovery is recorded on your Superpower Worksheet, the first worksheet in the Tomi Llama worksheet packet.

Below you will find resources to help you get started! 

Found your Superpower already? Check out Grow Yourself to figure out how to use your Superpower in the most superpowerful ways possible!