You and Your Superpower

your superpower journey

If you have made your way here, it means you are ready to discover your superpower!

Maybe you have been feeling stuck. Maybe you have been confronted by two of life’s most important questions “Who am I?” and, “Why am I here?” and are searching for answers. Maybe you are just ready to step into the life you have always imagined and want the blueprint to get there.

Whatever the reason, you are here and I welcome you. Your superpower has been calling to you your whole life, and I am glad that you are considering answering the call.

Before we get started, the three most important things for you to know about your superpower journey are: yes, you have a superpower; yes, you can find it; and yes, you can live the life you have always imagined.

With that out of the way, if you want to proceed with discovering your superpower, then hop on over to the Superpower System and get started with Know Yourself.

If you want to learn a little more about the superpower journey first, then read on!

What is a superpower?

In her poem Our Deepest Fear, Marianne Williamson said, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Throughout my travels I have found Williamson’s observations to be consistently true.

You are more powerful than you can imagine. You have a purpose in life and you are special, and powerful, and strong, and have something unique to offer the world that no one else can.

What better name to give that gift than superpower?

My friend Dan Holden summed it up well in the preface of my book, What’s Your Superpower?:

The subject of superpower has been getting considerable attention in Hollywood, with any number of super heroes lighting up movie screens around the world.

But before you run out and buy an Iron Man sweatshirt, consider the possibility that we each possess a superpower of our own, lying dormant within us.

We use only a small percentage of our brain’s capacity yet, throughout history, we see humans doing incredible things. Einstein, Arthur Ashe, come to mind. Is it such a large leap to consider we may have amazing capacities — superpowers — which we have never explored?

I don’t think it is that big of a leap to consider that we have amazing capacities – superpowers - that we have never explored. defines a superpower as “power greater in scope or magnitude than that which is considered natural or has previously existed.”

Your bright light is ready to shine!

Your bright light is ready to shine!

In this case, your superpower is the thing that is irrevocably you. It is the one thing that you do like no one else. It is what you have to offer the world that no one else can duplicate.

Each of us has an exceptional capacity to do amazing things that no other person can do. Our whole life has been a journey to find that superpower, but I don’t think our lives should be spent finding our superpowers, I think they should be spent living it.

The Superpower System helps you discover your superpower faster than ever. It also offers tips for growing that superpower so that you can use it to create the life of your dreams.

Companions on your journey: Meet the llamas

Your superpower journey is fun and a grand adventure. And, just as with every grand adventure, great companions are going to accompany you along the way!

In come the Superpower Llamas.

You may not know this, but llamas have superpowers! They are known for their ability to carry heavy loads, spit with pinpoint accuracy up to about 15 feet, and make people happy with their mere presence.

The Superpower System has a dedicated llama for each step of the journey, and their names are Kimi, Gale, Carmen, Rudy, and Weaver. Meet them below!



KIMI: Kimi is the know yourself llama. Kimi is Japanese for “beautiful story.” It also means “she who is without equal.”

Kimi is your companion in Know Yourself because, just like Kimi, you too are without equal in your own unique way. Kimi’s superpower is sharing the load with you as you uncover your own beautiful story and superpower.



GALE: Gale is the grow yourself llama. Gale, an English word, is a nickname for a “cheerful or boisterous person.” In Middle English it means “jovial” or “rowdy” and from Old English it means “light, pleasant, merry.” Gale is lots of fun, and so is grow yourself because it is where you step into your best life!

Gale also means “a very strong wind.” Gale’s role in Grow Yourself is also to be the wind at your back that helps you grow past any “resistance” you may experience along the way.



CARMEN: Carmen is the clear yourself llama. In Latin, Carmen means “Song.”  

When you clear your limitations, you are able to find your note to sing to the world. Carmen’s superpower is helping you work through any limiting beliefs you might have to find your own superpowerful note.

Once you find that note, Carmen will sing along with you as you attract bigger and better things into your life.



RUDY: Kimi, Gale and Carmen travel with you for specific parts of the Superpower journey. Rudy is the llama Tomi Llama rides on the front cover of What’s Your Superpower?

Rudy is a free-spirited soul. His name has great significance. According to Seven Reflections, if you have the name Rudy:

You are a law unto itself. Your tendency is to finish whatever you start. You are tolerant and like to help humanity. You are very active. You are generally warmhearted and gives freely of your time, energy, and sympathetic understanding. You have tolerance and acceptance of the frailties of others. Universal and humanitarian in outlook…

You are seeking freedom, opportunities to enjoy life: to make love, to go places and to do thing... One adventure leads you to another. You are honest and fair, because you know that this is the only way to receive justice and honesty from other people.

Rudy’s superpower is escorting people into larger and larger lives. He helps you feel comfortable with going big in everything you do.



WEAVER: The final Llama is Weaver. Weaver mostly shows up on social media. Weaver is a moniker for Clotho, one of the three fates in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Clotho means  “the one who weaves life.” This fate has also been described as the one “who spun the thread of human fate.” Weaver’s superpower is being a wisdom keeper of all things mystical and magical.

Even when you cannot see what is happening, Weaver lights the way and keeps pointing you in the right direction, helping you weave your own great story.

Tools of the Superpower System

Now that you know the llamas who will help you guide the way, you will some tools to help you on your Journey!

The Superpower System has a few different tools designed to assist with the superpower journey. You can also check out this video to see me explain them!

what's your superpower

1. What’s Your Superpower?

The first tool in the superpower system is the What’s Your Superpower? book itself. This book outlines Tomi Llama’s journey to answering, “Who am I?” and, “Why am I here?” for herself, and how to use the Superpower System so that you can answer those questions for yourself too!

What’s Your Superpower? equips you with the tools to know yourself and your purpose (your superpower- why you are here) and gives you an understanding of how to put what you learn about yourself into action to make a day-to-day impact in your life.


Hey, that’s where you are now! Only the book, What’s Your Superpower?, tells the whole story, but has the foundational knowledge you need to find who you are and why you are here, and it equips you with all the tools you need to go out and create your best life.

You can find everything you need to get on your way in the Superpower System, but the Gold Mine is also a collection of life-changing llama wisdom that can help you no matter where you are in your superpower journey. (The newsletter is pretty great too! Sign up for it at the bottom of this page!)

3. The Superpower Worksheet Packet

There are 11 companion worksheets to the What’s Your Superpower book that help you work through the different stages of the super power system – Know, Grow, and Clear.  Get yours by subscribing to the Llama Times below!

values cards to know yourself

4.    Values Cards

The very first part of the superpower model (the first superpower worksheet!) is finding your core personal values.

Finding your most important personal values is the first and most important step in the Superpower System. If discovering your top 5 values is the only thing you do in the system, then you will still see incredible benefits in your life.

The deck of values cards we have created includes over 50 values. Each card contains a value and its corresponding definition. It does not have all the values in the world, but it does have some of the most common and most powerful ones, and is a great place to start when finding your top personal core values.

5.    The Invitation CD


The superpower System is made up of Know Yourself, Grow Yourself, and Clear Yourself. Know Yourself is about looking inwards to find who you are and why you are here.

Grow Yourself is about taking what you learn in Know Yourself and using it to create the amazing life you waiting for you.

When we make this commitment though something weird happens. Old behavior patterns rise up and keep us from stepping into our fullest potential.

Clear Yourself offers processes for moving past these blocks so they don't limit you from achieving the fullest expression of your superpower. I have divided these blocks in what I call the three Karmic Scrap heaps: intellectual, emotional, and energetic. The Invitation deals with clearing the energetic blocks. It invites you to clear your energetic blocks and transcend them. The Invitation includes clearing questions, clearing statements, and the healing sound of Himalayan singing bowls.

With these tools you will find your superpower and be living a happier more purposeful life in no time! If you are interested in having all the tools, then you can find What's Your Superpower?, values cards and The Invitation in our Llama Store.

Knowing your superpower gives you invincible thinking!

I used to ask myself, “Why me?” All the time. It kept me stuck in a victim mentality of poor, pitiful me.

It took a while for me to see that the place of “Why me?” wasn’t taking me toward the life of my dreams.

Once I found my superpower though, I was able to move past that place of, “Why me?” and into a place of, “Yes me!!!”

All of our challenges are lessons we can learn from!

All of our challenges are lessons we can learn from!

Life is a classroom. There is a lesson in almost everything that happens to us. Sometimes we get kicked down, pushed off our perch or slapped in the face.

We have to be strong enough in ourselves to stand back up powerfully after we get knocked down and know we are on our way to something awesome. Knowing your superpower lets you do that.

Knowing your superpower gives you what author Ryuho Okawa calls invincible thinking.

In Invincible Thinking, Okawa offered this explanation for his philosophy:

This philosophy started from the idea that no one can live without making mistakes. No one is capable of sailing through life without any problems.

The reality is that people move to the left then to the right, they fail and go down, then they stand up again, but always they are searching for some way to make their lives better and happier. (p.113)

His philosophy is about accepting that life is not pain-free or problem-free. You will experience loss, setbacks, trials and tribulations. No one leads a charmed life 100% of the time. Okawa wrote that

You are not here simply to have everything run smoothly for you. Your purpose on Earth is to develop greater stature and radiate a genuine light by accumulating many different experiences, repeating the process of trial and error.

If you look at the purpose of your life in this way, what you thought of as difficulties and hardships take on a new meaning. This realization is the basis for invincible thinking.

Your superpower lets you radiate that genuine light. It gives you the strength to get knocked down, and stand back up stronger than ever. It gives you invincible thinking.

Knowing your superpower helps you overcome society’s expectations

From the moment we are born, life starts sending us powerful and consistent messages about who others think we should be.

Our parents kick this process off as soon they find out a baby is on the way.

If it’s a boy, maybe Dad says, “I am going to have a boy. He will play football just like me!” If it’s a girl, maybe Mom says, “I can’t wait for her try on her first dress and pierce her ears.”

Life continues to pile on, and messages about who we should be come from all angles. Every day we receive powerful messages that teach us:

Loves comes in all shapes and sizes, regardless of what society tells you!

Loves comes in all shapes and sizes, regardless of what society tells you!

  • Love is supposed to look this way and if you aren’t doing it that way you are wrong

  • You are not beautiful unless you are a size 6

  • Men don’t cry

  • Black lives don’t matter

  • So much more

These messages teach us that who we are and what we are – just as we are – is not enough: that we need to live a certain way, that we need to believe certain things, that what we hold inside isn’t as important as what goes on outside.

Self-denial, self-rejection, and self-hatred are rampant in our society. These wounds are described by author Linda Howe as the wound of self-abandonment.

The impact of this wound is deep and its implications are wide. Howe offered in her book Healing Through The Akashic Records: Using the Power of Your Sacred Wounds to Discover Your Soul’s Perfection that because of this self-abandonment,

We have denied ourselves a sacred relationship, our birthright, our entitlement, to a conscious connection with our soul.

The medicine for this wound of self-abandonment is self-awareness - to know your inner most self by reconnecting with those lost and forgotten aspects of who you are.

The good news is, the process of finding your superpower gives you this!

The process of finding your superpower fosters and cultivates a deep and rich inner knowing that make you stronger than the messages life is sending you.

You don’t have to keep being who society wants you to be. You can finally move beyond the life others want you to lead and step into who you truly are and live the life that you were meant to lead.

The superpower system gives you the road map to do just that!

Knowing your superpower improves your health

If everything else above isn’t enough to convince you to find your superpower, then knowing your superpower has proven health benefits too!

superpower health benefits

Finding your superpower is like superfruit smoothie for the soul! Finding your superpower is a synonym for finding your purpose, and people who know and live their purpose lead better, healthier lives:

1. They have better heart health

Research explained on The American Heart Association website reported that people who have a high sense of purpose in life was associated with a 23 percent reduction in death from all causes and a 19 percent reduced risk of cardiovascular events, including heart attacks, strokes, or the need for coronary artery stent placement or bypass surgery.

2. They Live Longer

A 2009 study discovered that people who have a strong connection to their sense of purpose tended to live longer than those who didn’t.  

Additionally, Dan Buettner’s study of Blue Zones (areas in the world in which people are more likely to live past 100) revealed that one of the factors that most centenarians share is a strong sense of purpose.

3. Lower Mortality Risk

In 2014, researchers used data that tracked adults over 14 years and found that "having a purpose in life appears to widely buffer against mortality risk across the adult years."

4. Less Alzheimer’s risk

Dr. Patricia Boyle, a neuropsychologist at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago, studied thousands of elderly subjects.

She, found that people with a low sense of life purpose were 2.4 times more likely to get Alzheimer’s disease than those with a strong purpose.

Her research also documented that people with purpose are less likely to develop challenges in daily living and disabilities that impact  mobility.

5. Better Pain Management

Finally, a study in The Journal of Pain documented that a higher sense of purpose can impact ability to manage pain. The study revealed that women who have a stronger sense of purpose were better able to withstand heat and cold stimuli applied to their skin.

6. Purpose also promotes healthier relationships and resilience.

The University of Minnesota has lots more information on the health benefits of knowing your purpose here too!

Wow! Your Superpower Journey has a lot of benefits, and there are lots of tools and guides to help you on your way! So get started today!

Your cape awaits!

Tomi Llama