Why You Are Here: Discovering Your Superpower


One of life’s biggest questions is, “why am I here?” The answer to that question is your destiny, your purpose, your Superpower.

Your superpower is the one thing that you can do unlike anybody else. It is at the heart of the work you are meant to do in your life because it is what you offer the world that no one else can. It is what makes you unique.

The way to find your superpower is by completing the Superpower Model (downloadable in the superpower worksheet packet). The first step is to find the core of yourself - your top values. The next steps, as discussed in the video above and in the sections below, are finding your strengths, your social currencies, and then blending them together into your superpower.

 The Superpower Model

The Superpower Model

Finding Your Top 5 Strengths

Determining your strengths might be the easiest part of the Superpower Model because someone else is going to tell you what they are. 

Your top strengths are the things that you are best at. It is the areas and things that you excel in and gives you insight on where you maximize your talents.

All you have to do is take a simple assessment. We recommend one of two tests: the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment (paid) and the High5 Test (free).

Either one is good, and they are both available online. The StrengthsFinder test will send you a report, but the High5 test will not (unless you pay for the report), so make sure to take a screen shot of your strengths and the definitions so you have them for your own notes and for the worksheet.

Your strengths offer you insights on is what your unique blend of skills are. I have also found that our strengths are tied to the things we enjoy doing most - usually because we are good at it!

In my case, one of my top strengths is learner. I love to learn, but also this translates to a strength because I am good at taking in a lot of information, processing it, and figuring out what needs to be done from there.

Another example is that, according to High5, one of my son’s top strengths is as a brainstormer. He loves to be creative and come up with new ideas, but this is also a strength he can use elsewhere because he is good at coming up with innovative and creative solutions to problems.

For you, you might see similar things in your strengths. It might be tied to what you love to do, or how you think things should be done. However they show up though, your strengths play a critical role in figuring out your superpower.

Your Social Currencies

Your social currencies typically rest at the intersection of your values and strengths, so there are clues to be had in the descriptions of both.

Your social currencies are what you bring to the table in your interactions with the world; they are what you trade upon out in the world - the gifts others receive from interacting with you.

To discover your social currencies, examine how your strengths and values interact to provide value to others.

For instance, one of my social currencies is making complex things seem simpler. I am good at taking abstract concepts and boiling them down to there essence. This stems from my values of wisdom and effectiveness, and my strength of being a learner.

Another example comes from the same son from before. One of his social currencies he identified is, “bringing a sense of humor to the room.” This came from two of his core values - humor and openness.

He likes things to be open and for people to have fun, and that is what they get from him in their interactions with him!

Your social currencies don’t have to be complicated. One good way to find your social currencies is to read the descriptions of your values and the descriptions of your strengths. As you read them, you might find yourself nodding your head vigorously, saying, “I so do that.”

If that happens, you may have found a social currency! Just like with your values, these can take some digging, but it gives an understanding of what you bring to the world, which is key to finding your superpower!

It’s Time To Find Your Superpower

Your Superpower is where you bring it all together. Values, strengths, and social currencies all intersect to create the one thing you do like nobody else: your Superpower.

Your superpower lies at the heart of everything on our Superpower Model.

 Tomi Llama’s Superpower Model

Tomi Llama’s Superpower Model

My Superpower is, "Connecting unseen or hidden patterns to facilitate transformation." It is short and simple, and is the sweet spot right in the middle of all that I am and what I love to do.

Converting your values and strengths into your social currencies is the key that unlocks your superpower. Your superpower then comes from combining those social currencies together even further until it reveals the thing that is uniquely you.  

Your superpower is the sweet spot in the middle of all the amazing things that you are and care about, and it is also why you are here. 

Your superpower doesn't have to tie in to all of your values or strengths, and it should be a reflection of what it is you love to do and what you are best at. 

Poet David Whyte said that “the forces and tides that make up your life will never appear again.” The same is true of your Superpower.

No one has the same combination of experiences, values, strengths, and social currencies as you. This unique combination comes together to form your superpower, and using your superpower and living your life like no else can is what you are here to do.

Now that you know your values and your superpower, you have the answers to, “Who am I?” and, “Why I am here?”

The journey doesn’t stop here though! Now is the time to take the answers to these questions and create the most amazing, most superpowerful life you can ever imagine. Start growing into your superpower today!

Your cape awaits!

Tomi Llama

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