Transcending Social Messaging: Find Your Superpower

From the moment we are born, life starts sending us powerful and consistent messages about who others think we should be. Our parents kick this process off as soon they find out a baby is on the way. If it’s a boy, maybe Dad says, “I am going to have a boy. He will play football just like me!” If it’s a girl, maybe Mom says, “I can’t wait for her try on her first dress and pierce her ears.”

Life continues to pile on, and messages about who we should be come from all angles: extended family, friends, our school teachers, our co-workers, our employers, Corporate America through advertising, and on and on. Every day we receive powerful messages that teach us:

·         Love is supposed to look this way and if you aren’t doing it that way you are wrong

·         Self-rejection

·         You are not beautiful unless you are a size 6

·         Men don’t cry

·         It’s okay to sexually abuse women

·         Black lives don’t matter

·         Men can’t get sexually abused because what man doesn’t want a woman all over him

·         So much more

These messages teach us that who we are and what we are – just as we are – is not enough. That we need to live a certain way, that we need to believe certain things, that what we hold inside isn’t as important as what goes on outside. It can be a challenge to step beyond these messages and live our authentic truth if we don’t have a road map to do it.

Self-denial, self-rejection, and self-hatred are rampant. These wounds inflicted by others on to us and perpetuated by us against ourselves are categorized by author Linda Howe in her book Healing Through The Akashic Records: Using the Power of Your Sacred Wounds to Discover Your Soul’s Perfection as the wound of self-abandonment.

The impact of this wound is deep and its implications are wide. Howe offered that because of this self-abandonment, “We have denied ourselves a sacred relationship, our birthright, our entitlement, to a conscious connection with our soul.”

The medicine for this wound of self-abandonment is self-awareness - to know your inner most self by reconnecting with those lost and forgotten aspects of who you are. That is where your superpower comes in.

Finding your superpower helps you gain that self-awareness. You learn what you hold most dear (your top 5 values), what you are best at (your top 5 strengths), how those show up in the world around you (your 3 social currencies), and what your very best gift is to the world (your superpower). 

The process of finding your superpower fosters and cultivates a deep and rich inner knowing that translates into never abandoning yourself again. You become stronger than the messages life is sending you, and you can finally step into who you truly are and live the life you were meant to lead.

You don’t have to keep being who society wants you to be. The superpower system lays the framework to find your authentic and true self. It is just up to you to do the work. So what are you waiting for? Your cape awaits!

Sending you lots of llama llove!

Tomi Llama

Tomi Llama