Understanding How You Hold Your Top Values


Once you know what your top 5 values are, it becomes even more important to understand how they show up in your life. Every value comes in 2 flavors: above the line or below the line (check out Championship Dynamic's blog on the 2 flavors of culture - the same holds true for values).

Using your values in an above the line way means that, when you rely on that value in the world, that value has a positive impact on you and on others. Using them below the line means the way you stand in that value negatively impacts you or others. 

The first lean-in of Grow Yourself is to examine how your top 5 values show up in your life. When I started this lean-in process, I wasn’t even aware that some of the values I had were being used in a below the line way. One of my top five values is wisdom. I was also an attorney, and when those two came together, I had a habit of being a smartass. I loved feeling like the smartest person in the room and letting everyone else know that. I was using my value of wisdom to show, “I’m smarter than you,” as opposed to working to use that value for everyone’s benefit. It was only when I became aware of how I was holding my value of wisdom that I was able to use that value to build others up instead of tearing them down.

Another important part of this process is understanding how you hold your values in relationship to others. When others have values that go against what one of yours is, it can be a source of friction if you don’t become aware of it. For instance, one of my top values is family, whereas one of my son’s top 5 values is independence. I love to spend time with my family, but he greatly values going off and doing his own thing, and it would be easy to take this personally if I wasn’t aware of his values.

For each of us the way that our values show up in our lives is going to look a little bit different depending on our unique set of values and how we go about living our life. Knowing how your top values show up in your life and in your relationships with others will start to give you clarity on why you live like you do and how to go about using your top values in an above the line way.

Once you have built some awareness around your values, it is time to start using those values to make big-time decisions. You can do that with lean-in #2, Making Decisions Aligned With Your Values!

Your cape awaits!

Tomi Llama

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