The Intellectual Karmic Scrap Heap: Growing Past the Showstoppers


If you have certain behavior patterns, you will never be able to reach your full potential. I like to call these showstoppers, because they stop the show whenever they show up. These showstoppers make up the Intellectual Karmic Scrap Heap. I found out about showstoppers from studying the discipline of leadership. Zenger and Folkman in their book The Extraordinary Leader: Turn Good Managers into Great Leaders were the first ones to identify certain fatal flaws that were sure to keep people from being the best leaders they can be.

By understanding what fatal flaws are and how to counteract them, you can reduce their effects on you, tap into more potential and optimize your own performance. To see if you have a fatal flaw and how to work through it you can download and go through the Fatal Flaw worksheet. Having one or more of these patterns identified by leadership researchers Zenger & Folkman makes it almost possible to grow your superpower:

  • Inability to learn from mistakes.

  • Lack of core interpersonal skills and competencies.

  • Lack of openness to new or different ideas.

  • Lack of accountability.

  • Lack of initiative

These fatal flaws severely limit performance and will keep you from living the life you are meant to lead. What’s Your Superpower? and the book mentioned above by Zenger & Folkman also provides valuable tools to work through these fatal flaws, as does the Fatal Flaw worksheet.

The Emotional Karmic Scrap Heap is next. Get ready to work through some good stuff!

Your cape awaits!

Tomi Llama

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