The Energetic Karmic Scrap Heap: Clearing the Rest of the Stuff


Each of us has invisible forces at play in our lives that limit us from discovering our highest potential. These invisible forces can keep us stuck in a repeating pattern and keep us from going anywhere other than where we are now. The Energetic Karmic Scrap Heap is made up of those invisible forces. They can be:

  • Childhood wounds or traumas resulting from betrayal, abandonment, shame or overwhelm.

  • Family entanglements resulting from a violation of order, balance or belonging.

  • Soul choices from past lives such as sacred contracts or vows.

There are lots of different ways to work through these limiting forces. But the bottom line is that to be able to get where you want to go, you are probably going to have to address these forces operating in the background. Otherwise they will keep secretly dictating the actions you take and the abundance you allow (or don’t allow and don’t know why) into your life.

To address these forces, I created the process of The Invitation. The Invitation is a practice that invites you to step into a bigger world each day. You can purchase The Invitation in the Llama Store.

This practice has four steps:

1.     A quick spike in vibration. In this step, use three strikes of a Himalayan singing bowl or three rounds of Ho’oponopono (I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you) to quickly raise your vibration. If you choose to use bowls to increase your vibration, I recommend the ZT300T1 Zen Therapeutic Series bowl – there is just something about the sound of it that invites you into the moment. If you are using Ho’oponopono, I recommend a hand gesture along with it like placing your hands together in prayer or the tips of the fingers of each hand lightly touching each other. Be sure to find what works for you and use that.

2.     Inviting Statements. In this step, I use specifically designed statements to invite your energetic scrap heap to convert to wisdom by accepting the scrap heap, thanking the scrap heap and then transcending and transmuting the scrap heap. This same statement design is also used to invite the clearing of blocks to the Spiritual Six-pack of abundance, acceptance, compassion, good health, patience and undefending.

3.     Inviting Questions. This step is designed to place you directly in the field of infinite possibilities by asking a question and allowing the Universe to respond.

4.     Healing sound. Use the Himalayan singing bowls to facilitate the healing of energetic limitations and for opening the doorway to the field of infinite possibilities.

The Invitation has one purpose: to invite into your field of vision the boldest and biggest life possible – to have the largest conversation possible with yourself and the world.

There are tons of other resources out there that are valuable for transcending your energetic karmic scrap heap as well, but the overall goal is for you to clear away the forces limiting the highest expression of your superpower and to clear what is blocking the many magical things available in the field of possibilities with your name on them.

Keep soaring!

Tomi Llama

P.S. You made it through the system! Way to go! You’ve got your superpower and you’ve grown into it and cleared your blocks, now live the life you were meant to live! Go out and live your purpose, be happy, be wealthy, be abundant, live, laugh, love, enjoy yourself! You deserve it! I hope to see you at an event soon!

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