Tools of the Superpower System


The Superpower System is made up of a few different tools that are specifically designed to help you find your superpower and live your best life.

1.       What’s Your Superpower?

The first tool in the superpower system is the What’s Your Superpower? book itself. This self-help book both outlines Tomi Llama’s journey to creating the Superpower System as well as explains the system itself. The website has much of the fundamental information about the system, but only the book tells the whole story.

This is truly a self-help book, as it equips you with the tools to learn about yourself and your purpose and gives you an understanding of how to put what you learn about yourself into action to make a day-to-day impact in your life.

2.       Worksheets

There are 11 companion worksheets to the What’s Your Superpower book that help you work through the different stages of the super power system – Know, Grow, and Clear.  You can access those here.

The first worksheet is the superpower model. It is where you put your findings in the Know Yourself stage and come up with your superpower. The other worksheets in the packet are tied to the Grow Yourself and Clear Yourself parts of the system. As you work through the system you will be able to see when and how to use each worksheet and how they apply.

3.       Deck of Values Cards

The very first part of the superpower model (see the superpower model worksheets) is finding your values. It is the first step in the Know Yourself stage. If discovering your top 5 values is the only thing you do in the system then you will still see incredible benefits in your life. The deck of values cards we have created includes over 50 values, each with a value and its corresponding definition on it. It does not have all the values in the world, but it does have some of the most common and most powerful ones, and is a great place to start when finding your top five values.

4.       The Invitation CD

Know Yourself is about looking inwards to find who you are and Grow Yourself is about taking what you have learned and applying it outwards in your interactions with the world. When we make this commitment though something weird happens. Old behavior patterns rise up and keep us from stepping into our fullest potential. 

Clear Yourself offers processes for moving past these blocks so they don't limit you from achieving the fullest expression of your superpower. I have divided these blocks in what I call the three Karmic Scrap heaps: intellectual, emotional, and energetic. The Invitation deals with clearing the energetic blocks. It invites you to clear your energetic blocks and transcend them. The Invitation includes clearing questions, clearing statements, and the healing sound of Himalayan singing bowls.

With these tools you will find your superpower and be living a happier more purposeful life in no time!

You can find What's Your Superpower?, values cards and The Invitation in our store:

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