Finding your Top 5 Values


Discovering your Top 5 values is the most important part of the Superpower System. It is the very first thing that you do in the system, and it helps lay the framework for the rest of  the system. In the video above, I break down how to go about completing the values section of the Superpower Model. The Superpower Model is the very first worksheet in the worksheet packet.

Finding your Top 5 values

Finding your values is a discovery process. It is about figuring out what you hold most dear. It is not about what values others want you to have. It is about what you care about most. So how do you go about figuring that out?

I recommend using a deck of values cards for this discovery process because it makes it easier (and more fun!). You can get your own deck of values cards in the Llama Store. The deck of values cards doesn’t have all of the values in the world, but it is a good place to start the conversation. If you have a value and it is not in the deck, add it. This is about works for you, not what is on the card. If you don't want to use the deck, you can also find a list of values on the internet to use.

The Process

Each value card in the deck has a value and a definition on it. I recommend you start out by doing rounds. The first round is the easiest as it is a simple, quick yes-no-yes-no run through of the deck, making quick choices on whether each value sounds like you or not.

After that first round, you pick up the "yes" pile and go back through again, taking a little more time with each card to narrow down the list further and determine what values you hold dearest.

Why 5 values?

Inevitably whenever I do the values activity with a group, two groups of people emerge. The first group can narrow their values down to 5 to 7 very quickly and easily. The second group is stuck at 10 to 15 values and they struggle to figure out how to whittle the group down. Since this is a process, there is no right or wrong so no group is better than the other.

Invariably, I get asked why it must be only 5 values. My response is usually that it doesn’t have to be 5, but we are complex people. Three values are not enough to honor our complexity, and 7 to 10 is too many. In the grow yourself part of the superpower system, we use our values to help make important decisions. If we have too many values then it becomes difficult to make those important decisions quickly and decisively.

Ways to narrow your list

It can take a while to figure out exactly what your top values are, and they can always change as you move through life. If you are struggling to narrow the list, there are several options for discovering your true top 5.

1.       Look to see if any values left on your list are in a shared family.

Certain values are often grouped together and belong to a family of values. For example, the values of  truth, trust, honor, and integrity often show up together and people have a hard time narrowing these down. Our recommendation is to watch yourself in action for a while to decipher which value really shines through the most.

2.       Ask others what they think.

Others often can see us a more clearly than we can see ourselves. Turn to your family and friends and ask them what they see in you and what they think you might value most.

3.       See what makes you angry.

Behind our anger is often a violated value. If you find yourself getting angry at someone over something, see what value it is that they violated. That might be one of your top ones!

Overall, finding your values is a discovery process that can take a while. Give yourself some time to find what’s most important to you. Pay attention to yourself and ask others what they think. The search to find your top 5 will be well worth the reward.

Once you have your top 5 values, add them to the Superpower Model. And then move on to finding your strengths, social currencies, and your Superpower!

Your cape awaits!

Tomi Llama

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Tomi Llama