It’s July Already?! Making the Most of the Back Half of 2018

It's July already. Can you believe that we are already halfway through 2018? It feels like just yesterday I was putting the finishing touches on my 2017 end-of-year accomplishments list, but in reality it was the Fourth of July!

Given that we are halfway through the year, now is a great time to check-in with yourself. Are you where you want to be? To help you check-in with yourself, here are the questions I asked when checking in with myself!

Where am I now?

1.       Have I grown personally?

Yes. And to do that this year, in addition to the books I read and the workshops I attended, I added some people to my team, including a leadership coach and a spiritual coach. I am also continuing to seek out role models who can help me step my game up. 

How have you grown personally in the first six months of the year?

2.       Have I accomplished the big things and medium things I set out to accomplish?

In the first half of the year, I had four big things I wanted to accomplish. I was able to check two of them off - a Paris trip for the hubby’s 60th and selling my business. The third item – selling our house – didn’t happen because we took it off the market while I took care of another big thing that showed up – moving one of my sons to College Park, MD.

What big and medium things have you accomplished in the first six months of the year that you set out to accomplish in 2018?

3.       Did I expand my spiritual six-pack?

I wrote about the spiritual six-pack in What’s Your Superpower?  It is made up of six qualities: Patience, Acceptance, Undefending, Compassion, Abundance, and Good Health.

I used a scorecard to assess my growth in each area for the first six months of the year. Then, based on my reflection, I set goals for myself for the next six months of 2018. A score of 5 or above (on a scale of 10) means I am headed in the right direction. Scores under 4.99 mean I have got some work to do. 

For the next six months, based on my self-ratings, Good Health and Patience need more of my attention.

How would you rate yourself on your spiritual six-pack? What needs your attention most in the rest of the year? Looking forward to a great rest of 2018 with all of you!