It's The End Of The World As We Know It

Many people thought the world was going to end on December 21, 2012. It was the end of the Mayan Calendar, and people were preparing for doomsday, ready for the earth to be blown to smithereens.

I was not one of those people. Instead, I hoped it would represent a transformative date – a date that signified a shift in consciousness in our society. Collective Evolution defines consciousness as “an awareness of how we function as beings. The way humanity interprets our world, views our world and creates our world. It can refer to seeing things from new perspectives.” I believed that we saw that shift with Obama as our President. We were slowly rising towards a new level of consciousness under his leadership.

Whether you agreed with his policies or not, President Obama demonstrated how to lead with care and candor from the greatest leadership position in the world. With President Obama at the helm, we saw the future and it looked good.

Soon it became clear that we weren’t ready to sustain that shift in consciousness and values. Many people didn’t like the changes going on in our country, changes that led to valuing diversity and inclusion, changes that led to uplifting the most vulnerable in our society, and they resisted these shifts with all their might.

That resistance culminated in the Trump presidency.

Now, on just about any given evening, you can turn on the news and feel like it is doomsday. Families separated at the border, violations of human rights, policies specifically designed to marginalize others. It is easy to look at these things and feel discouraged – to feel that our country is sliding backwards in time, and in consciousness.

These daily struggles reveal a broader systemic struggle taking place in our country -  a struggle of transformation. With Obama, our country was trying to transcend our old ways that had served us for the last 242 years. And, as with any attempt to step into a new system, there was significant pushback. Donald Trump is the shape that pushback has taken in our system, and he is also essential for our country’s moving forward into a new system.

Any step into a new system requires that we ask what wants to rest in the old one so that there is room for new patterns to emerge. Trump is the epitome of all the behaviors that need to rest for our country to take the next giant leap in consciousness. He appears to be a racist. He mocks and belittles the disabled. He disrespects women. He is not a friend to small business. For us to transcend our past these very things he exhibits must rest, and Trump represents their last stand. Going forward it will take all genders, all races, and all countries for us to transform, and Trump is the symptom in the system -  the catalyst for the mobilization.

Today we are caught between what wants to rest and what wants to emerge. We cannot go back to what wants to rest, and we are not quite able to see the way forward to what wants to emerge.  The space between those two can be a dark and icky tunnel, and it requires a sustained commitment to something higher to push through to the other side. It will be painful, and it will hurt, but that is what happens when old structures fall away.

Trump is burning it all to the ground so that whoever comes along next can design the sustainable systems that will make the United States great for future generations. Trump may well be one of our most important presidents. Say what? Yes. Because he is clearing the way for the next level of consciousness that is trying to emerge. Now we just have to hold on to make sure we make it to the other side.