Using Your Superpower Requires Invincible Thinking

Why me? Ever ask yourself that question? I used to. All the time. It kept me stuck in a victim mentality of poor, pitiful me. It took a while for me to see that the place of why me? wasn’t taking me toward the life of my dreams.

Life is a classroom. There is a lesson in almost everything that happens to us. Sometimes we get kicked down, pushed off our perch or slapped in the face. In those moments, how are you responding? Are you willing to lean into the lesson, looking for the golden nugget, or do you lean back and say, “Why me?”

How does one maintain a positive outlook when life’s hard moments hit us?  One way is to adapt what author Ryuho Okawa calls invincible thinking, a philosophy on managing life. In Invincible Thinking, Okawa offered this explanation for his philosophy:

This philosophy started from the idea that no one can live without making mistakes. No one is capable of sailing through life without any problems. The reality is that people move to the left then to the right, they fail and go down, then they stand up again, but always they are searching for some way to make their lives better and happier. (p.113)

His philosophy is about accepting that life is not pain-free or problem-free. You will experience loss, setbacks, trials and tribulations. No one leads a charmed life 100% of the time. Okawa wrote that

You are not here simply to have everything run smoothly for you. Your purpose on Earth is to develop greater stature and radiate a genuine light by accumulating many different experiences, repeating the process of trial and error. If you look at the purpose of your life in this way, what you thought of as difficulties and hardships take on a new meaning. This realization is the basis for invincible thinking.

Instead of wallowing in the “Why me?” stance when something negative occurs in your life, face that experience and ask, “What is there for me to learn from this moment?” Do this and each experience is a step toward the life your dream of!

Until next week, may you be surrounded by all the llama llove you can handle.

Tomi Llama